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Istanbul Attractions:

Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya)

The wonderful mosque Hagia Sophia famous all over the world for it specific architecture regularly considered one of the greatest and most beautiful buildings in Europe. Since 1935 the mosque has been converted into a magnificent museum.

Address: Sultanahmet Square; Telephone: (212) 518 1802; Transport: Sultanahmet tram stop; Opening time: Open daily except Mondays from 9.30am to 4.30pm; Admission: 15 YTL

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque also calls ‘The Blue Mosque’ because of the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior dominates the skyline of the old part of the city and can be seen from the sea. Smaller than ‘Hagia Sophia’ the blue mosque is even more luxurious and represent the will of ‘Sultan Ahmet Camii’ on building the most beautiful place of Islamic worship in the world.

Address: Hippodrome, Sultanahmet; Telephone: (212) 518 1319 or (212) 518 1330 (for museum information); Transport: Sultanahmet tram stop; Opening time: Open daily, access restricted during prayer times, especially at midday on Fridays. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 9am and 4pm; Admission: There is no charge for visiting the mosque, but the museum has a small entrance fee

Topkapi Palace Museum

Used as the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from 1465 to 1853 the castle Topkapi is perfectly situated as it provides a splendid point of view on the Bosphorus. The palace is constitute by many small buildings built together and surrounded by a inside court which make the palace a masterpiece of originality.

Address: Topkapi Sarayi, Sultanahmet; Telephone: (212) 512 0480; Website:; Opening time: Open daily except Tuesdays from 9am to 5pm; Admission: US$10 -15 depending on exchange rate; concessions available. The Harem can only be visited on a guided tour and a separate ticket is required

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

Situated right on the hippodrome across ‘The Blue Mosque’ the museum is housed in the restored palace of Ibrahim. It’s treasure trove of fascinating objects from the 8th century to the 20th. Religious art, Turkish carpets, carved and inlaid wood, porcelain, glass and many other things are part of the collection of the museum.

Address: Ibrahim Pasa Sarayi, Atmeydani 46, Hippodrome, Sultanahmet; Telephone: (212) 518 1805; Transport: Sultanahmet tram stop; Opening time: Open daily except Mondays from 9.30am to 5.30pm; Admission: 4 YTL

The Covered Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi)

Established by Mehmet II in 1453 has grown and it is now the largest covered market place in the world which owned more than 3 000 shops. Directly in the city center it’s a place every tourist must see.

Address: Kapali Çarsi, Beyazit to Eminönü Harbour; Transport: Tram to Beyazit, Üniversite or Sirkeci; Opening time: Open daily except Sundays from 8.30am to 7pm; Admission: Free;_ylt=AjOYrO5AxRlgnU8LUn6ViwD0FWoL

Yerebatan Sarayi

Known as the ‘Basilica cistern’ or ‘Sunken Palace’ because of it enormous size (Capacity of 80 000 cubic meters over 21 million US Gallon) and his specific architecture with 336 marbles columns it will take you from half an hour to one hour to visit atypical place.
Yerebatan Caddesi 13
Istanbul Turkey

+90 212 522 1259
Open Hours: 9a-5p
OverviewYerebatan Sarayi translates as 'Sunken Palace'. It's Istanbul's largest underground cistern and the only one renovated and opened for public viewing.

Hidiv Kasri

This Palace was the house of the Egyptian governor during the Ottoman times and is now open to public for visits. More than a splendid museum it’s also a very famous place to have a brunch on Sunday at the restaurant.
Hidiv Yolu 32
Istanbul Turkey

+90 216 413 9253
Open Hours: 9a-10:30p
OverviewHidiv Kasri is a famous landmark of Istanbul, with its unusual main tower jutting above the treeline around Cubuklu. A beautifully preserved remnant of Ottoman history

Istanbul Modern

As the name say this is a modern art museum. This is the perfect spot for tourist and resident due to the constantly renewed attractions en expositions. The museum has also a cinema and a large amout of Video Programs.
Meclis-i Mebusan Cad. Liman Sahasý Antrepo No: 4
Istanbul Turkey

+90 212 334 7300
Open Hours: Tu-W, F-Su 10a-6p; Th 10a-8p; closed M
OverviewMaking its debut in 2004, Istanbul Modern is Turkey's first museum dedicated to displaying contemporary

Archaeological Museums

The archeological museum of Istanbul is a complex of three museums: the museum of Oriental antiquities; the archeological museum and the tailed pavilion. This complex is considered as one of the richest museum in the world regarding is large collection of classical artifacts and pre classical treasures (sixty-thousand archaeological treasures, seven-hundred-sixty thousand coins and medallions, and seventy-five thousand clay tablets in these three museums). 
Osman Hamdi Bey Yokusu
Istanbul Turkey

+90 212 520 7740
Open HoursOpen: 9a-4:30p Tu-Su closed M
OverviewTwenty galleries filled with artifacts gathered from all over Turkey and the near east celebrate 5,000 years of history with exhibits from Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the...

Rumeli Fortress

Located on the European side Istanbul on top of the Bosphorus, this colossal fortress has been built by Mehmed II in only four months to take the control of this dense waterway. The building was also made to show the power of Turkey in this particular region of the wolrd.
Yahya Kemal Caddesi
Istanbul Turkey

Open Hours: 9a-4:30p Tu-Su
OverviewThe Rumeli Fortress is the most imposing sight on the Bosphorus straights, dating back to the 15th century. With the ramparts and walls still in excellent condition due to vigilant...

Beylerbeyi Palace

This magnificent Turkish palace is situated along the Anatolian coast of the Bosphorus. It was the summer home of the sultans. This Palace is richly decorated with marble fountain and large bathing pool.
Cayirbasi Cad
Istanbul Turkey

+90 216 321 9320
Open Hours: Tu-W, F-Su 9:30a-4p
OverviewAcross from Dolmabahce Palace, Beylerbeyi, the summer home of the Sultans, is lavishly decorated, with a marble fountain and large bathing pool in the main salon surrounded by...

Malta Kosku

Yildiz Parki
Istanbul 80 Turkey

+90 212 258 9453 / +90 212 258 9493
Open Hours: 9a-10:30p
Overview: Located in the heart of the Yildiz woodland reserve (a small but delicious respite from the city), this historic house sits among walking trails and natural surroundings. Despite...

International Istanbul Music Festival

This is the most prestigious cultural event on Istanbul. The Festival provide around 30 concerts from classical performers coming all over the world.
Various venues across the city
Istanbul Turkey

+90 212 293 3133
OverviewThis is probably the most prestigious event on Istanbul's cultural calendar. It offers around 30 concerts featuring world-renowned classical performers who travel from all over...

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center

Right in the liveliest district of Istanbul, this is a famous meeting place for every kind of contemporaneous artist.
Istikal Cadessi No. 276 34340
Istanbul 80050 Turkey

+90 212 293 2361
Open Hours: 1p-8p Tu-Th, 1p-10p F-Sa
OverviewInitiated in September 2001, this center is located in one of the liveliest areas of the city.


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At the intersection of Harbiye and Nisantasi, Bentley Hotel Istanbul is within walking distance to Istanbul’s popular restaurants, clubs, distinguished shopping area, as well as the Military Museum, Open-air Theatre, major concert halls, congress and exposition centers, travel agencies and the subway.

On a business or leisure trip, this is the perfect hotel in Istanbul, which allows you to enjoy the comfort of being centrally located while enabling you to leave the buzz of the city behind you at the moment you step into the hotel.


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